Italist Review + 3 Ways to Style White Sneakers For Fall…

Comfy Fall Outfit - Golden Goose White Sneakers - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

If you asked any girl what the top 5 places she wanted to travel to are, 9/10 are probably going to have Italy somewhere on that list! I visited Italy several summers ago, and let me just say, it does not disappoint! Italy has SO many things to love, but I think the things I miss most are the stunning views/old world architecture, amazing wine (and CHEAP! Water costs just as much as wine at restaurants there, so let’s be honest, it was always an easy choice! Lol!), and the shopping! But the last one should be no surprise. The shopping in Italy is nothing short of a fashionista’s wonderland! There are so many incredible luxury Italian boutiques, and get this – the prices are cheaper than in the states! If I had it my way, I would be a millionaire, and would be jetting off to Italy on a monthly shopping trip to have the luxury of shopping my favorite designers at a discount…#keepdreamingKatlyn. Until now. 

Helllooooooooooo, Italist! If you haven’t heard of Italist, you are about to be mind blown! Italist is an online retailer that integrates over 200 Italian luxury boutiques into their platform…at prices up to 30% less than average online retailers and US store fronts, so you no longer have to take a flight to Italy to get Italy prices! They carry some of my favorite designers such as Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Gucci, and Saint Laurent. I found a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies on Italist for only $540 (normal US retail is $675)! You can get some serious $$$ off US retail! Italist express ships your order too, so you have it in your hands in only 4 days! Can’t beat it!

Now to this adorable outfit! I’ve been loving a crisp white sneaker lately! They can be styled in so many different ways, making them so versatile! I recently got these Golden Goose sneakers from Italist, and I am in L-O-V-E! They were only $289 on Italist vs. $550 on other retailers! They’re such good quality, and I’ve been having so much fun finding different ways to style them! Here are 3 of my favorite white sneaker looks you can try this fall!

1. Mix Casual with Girly: I immediately grabbed for this striped t-shirt dress and leopard scarf when I got my Golden Goose sneakers in the mail! I love the contrast of a sneaker paired with a more feminine outfit! It makes for a super comfortable, yet put together look! Continue Reading

Bedroom Reveal…

White and Blue Bedroom - Gray Woven Throw - Serena & Lily - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

So excited to share room #2 that is officially complete in our home! We went back and forth so much as to whether paint or not (I wanted to do the whole house a super pale gray color), but ultimately decided against it since our home is a rental and would need to be repainted back to the original in a year or two when we move again. When picking out a color palette, I wanted to go for navy’s and light blue’s to create a relaxing and calm feel…and I knew Dylan wouldn’t complain too much about the colors being “too girly!” I’ve always been a big fan of white bedding, so this Serena & Lily duvet was a no brainer. I also ordered this throw and lamps from Serena & Lily…they’re AMAZING! The lamps are so massive, which I love. I didn’t want them to look like little babies against our king size bed. I was able to get a 15% off code for Serena & Lily for y’all – just use KATLYN15 at checkout! I love mixing in refinished vintage art deco pieces in with my decor. It adds so much character! I scored our buffet off Facebook marketplace for dirt cheap. It had drawers in it, so we decided to use it as a dresser and refinish it for the bedroom! We refinished it with white paint and added the prettiest gold knobs…it’s probably my favorite piece in our house now!

I knew I wanted a little sitting area in the bedroom, too. I ordered this blue tufted chair using the Eyely app, which let’s you upload a photo of the room and decorate it virtually through the app. It’s so neat to see your vision come to life in real-time, instead of waiting for the pieces to come in and praying it looks good! You can also get 20% off Eyely app purchases with “KM20”. The last things I ordered for our bedroom were these gorgeous abstract pieces from Framebridge. I had the hardest time ever finding artwork for the house, so I purchased tons of digital artwork from several Continue Reading

Favorite Longline Cardigan Under $20…

Fall Outfit - Longling Cardigan - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy hump day! I wanted to quickly share an outfit I wore last week while out and about! I got this longline cardigan in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’m in love! The color is so pretty, and it’s so versatile! It would also look so cute paired with a simple tee and destroyed denim!

On another note, I can’t believe it’s December already! I feel like there is SO much to do before Christmas gets here! I’ve been on the hunt all morning for some cute matching Christmas pajamas…I feel like the selection is so bad this year?! If y’all have seen any cute ones around, let me know!

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Living Room Reveal with SANUS…

Blue and Blush Living Room - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

EEEK! Our first room in the house is officially D-O-N-E! I’ve had a ton of trouble staying focused on one room (just going to blame the ADHD for that one), so I’m so glad that I can finally see some real progress on the house! Decorating has been a little tricky, because we have a pretty small house. I still wanted to make the most out of our starter home though until we started building our forever home in a year or so! When planning out our living room decor, I started by compiling a list of things that were important to both of us. For me, it was color (you may remember Dylan was BEYOND anti-color when we lived at our first apartment), lots of seating for when we entertain, and pretty pillows (seems strange, but I totally have a pillow obsession, and you can 100% tell a cheaply made pillow from an expensive quality one…I have some custom made pillows in production that will replace these in a month or so!). For Dylan, he wanted seating for when we have parties + grill out with all our friends, and he wanted to upgrade our 50″ TV…because that was no where near big enough for when we entertain and host football watch parties. I rolled my eyes, but agreed. And if buying an obnoxious television for the living room gives me an excuse to entertain and buy cute marble cheese trays, I will oblige. And you better believe I have fully taken advantage of that and gotten 20+ entertaining dishes that are GOORRGGGG! But we will save that for another day.

The first thing we bought for our living room was a new 70″ television…because ya know, #priorities. I was admittedly pretty excited about his new toy, too! We quickly realized that we needed to get a new wall mount, because our new one wasn’t going to cut it with the weight increase. Insert SANUS. If you haven’t heard of SANUS – 1. They’re the and 2. You’re seriously missing out! I’ve been using SANUS wall mounts for 5+ years on all of my TV’s…I love that they instantly elevate the look of the room and place the television at a more comfortable height to watch TV! Appearance and utility win-win! I also knew that I didn’t want something that heavy sitting on our media center. That thing costs a pretty penny and with my luck, it would break the wood and completely bust through it or the pups would bump into it while playing, knocking it over and shattering both the TV and our glass coffee table. Seems far fetched, but it would 

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5 Tips for Company Holiday Party Dressing with Review Australia…

Pink Lace Midi Dress - Holiday Party Look - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

My favorite time of the year is officially here! December is my favorite month EVER! Holiday cheer is in the air, and the month is fun-filled with family time, vacations, and holiday parties! When it comes to company holiday parties, navigating what to wear can be a little tricky. And it becomes even more tricky if you’re going as a guest with your significant other! The last thing you want to do is dress too immodestly, embarrassing your significant other in front of his boss and being the talk of the workplace (for the wrong reasons) the entire next week! Review Australia has a ton of great options for any company Christmas parties that you may have coming up! The quality is SO SO good! They also offer super quick express shipping, so you won’t have to worry about not getting the perfect outfit in time for the party! Here are some tips to ensure you’re company holiday party look is boss-approved:

1. Location: Find out beforehand where exactly the party will be hosted. Will it be in the office? Or a completely separate venue? How dressy is the venue? Will it be laid-back? Or will there be reindeer ice sculptures adorning every corner of the room? Haha! But seriously, location is important. Every year, I go to Dylan’s company Christmas party at a ranch. It’s super laid-back with children evvveeerrryyywhere (there’s even a petting zoo and jumpolines), so if I showed up in a gold sequin shift dress, black strappy heel and red lip, I would be extremely out of place!

2. Consider the Time of Day: Is the company party during office hours or is it in the evening? If it’s during office hours, opt for a more conservative party look that follows office dress code. This pink lace dress from Review Australia is perfect for a company holiday party during office hours. It’s feminine and figure flattering, while still keeping both your legs and chest covered. If the company party is after hours, you typically have a little more wiggle room with dress code and can let your hair down – just don’t take it too far. After all, you’re still with people from the workplace regardless of the time of day. It’s never appropriate to wear a super low-cut top or dress in my opinion, but you can definitely get away with a little shorter hemline.

3. Bump Up Your Accessory Game: Sporting a statement piece can be a great way to keep it conservative clothing-wise, yet still show your personality! High necklines offer the perfect opportunity for a good statement necklace or big sparkly earrings! Continue Reading