3 Simple Tips to a More Confident YOU!

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Over the years, I’ve noticed a HUGE part of how my day goes depends on how confident I am feeling that day. My mood seriously does a 180 if I’m feeling down on myself for whatever reason! There are a few quick things that I can always depend on to up my confidence and be ready to take on the world!

1. Smell Good, Feel Good: I don’t think there is any time I feel more insecure than when I feel like I smell bad! Haha! I started using Secret Fresh Scents deodorant in middle school because they had the prettiest bottles (How else would middle school girls choose?!), but I quickly realized it also works like a charm! Did you know 70% of women switch deodorants, because they feel like their body has grown accustomed to the product they use?! So crazy! Secret just launched their new Fresh Collection with their new patented Fade-Resistant Freshness Technology that leaves you feeling fresh for up to 48 hours! No more wearing off mid-day and having a mini freak out that the cute guy you work with can smell you every time you walk by! Haha! The new Secret Fresh Collection features 11 amazing scents, available in Clear Gel or Invisible Solid. Secret also just introduced a new scent, Cool Waterlily, a clean and light floral fragrance making you feel like you just left the spa!

2. Let Your Skin Rest While You Do: I used to be SO bad about this one y’all…I would always fall asleep in my makeup! Okay, really it wasn’t an accident at all. I was just too lazy to take it off! It’s so important to give your skin a break from all the makeup. Using makeup remover wipes and applying a face serum at night will do wonders for your skin! These La Fresh makeup remover wipes work like a charm (even on waterproof makeup)! You can get 25% off through 4/30 with “Babbleboxx”!

3. Shave it all off: Having silky smooth legs is another simple way to boost your confidence! I dealt with the worst razor burn ever until I started using Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil about a year ago. It seemed like any soap I would try always reacted badly with my skin and my legs were a hot mess! This oil has seriously been such a holy grail for me…leaves my skin so smooth and lasts so long!

Makeup Organizer Book Stack Home Decor Tea Tree Shave Oil Secret Deodorant Book Stack Home Decor Tea Tree Shave Oil Makeup Organizer

Other products featured:

1. FTD Floral Arrangement: The perfect gift delivery for someone special! Nothing makes your day better like walking into a room and smelling fresh flowers!

2. 21 Drops Detox Essential Oil Blend: I’ve gotten so into essential oils lately! This one blends Cardamom (refreshes and soothes stomach), Geranium (purifies and supports), Juniper (flushes out toxins), Lavender (soothes nerves), and 100% organic Jojoba Oil!

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