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Summertime with Turkish-T…

            Turkish-T Towels and Wraps - Instagram @katlynmaupin

I think just about the only way possible to survive Texas heat is to spend summers at the lake. It’s pretty much the only redeeming quality of our harsh summers making bikinis, beach towels, and sunnies a prominent part of my wardrobe…haha! I recently stumbled upon Turkish-T’s beach collection and fell in love! It’s like fashion meets towel in the best way possible! I mean, whoever thought to put fringe on a towel was basically a genius! So cute! This striped fringe towel comes in SO many colors + it’s a longer length! I think we all know the struggle of laying out and our towel being only long enough for a small child to lay on! So annoying! I also love their “basic coverlet.” It’s perfect for the beach to use as a blanket for several people to sit on (every mama needs this)! I definitely could’ve used one last time Dylan and I went to Florida! Way cuter than an old comforter!

Turkish-T also has a ton of cute home decor, bath towels and baby items as well! Be sure to check them out HERE!

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30 Summer Dresses Under $30…

25 Dresses Under $25 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

I’ve had a lot of requests for budget-friendly dress options for summer, so I figured I would share a ton of great summer dresses under $30! I scored this adorable cold shoulder dress under $30, and of course it’s sold out now…ugh!  Luckily, I found a ton of cute other options that I either own already or are on my wish list and under $30! When shopping for trendy summer dresses, I always like to go for more affordable pieces. They won’t be a classic piece that is in style 5 years from now, so there is no point in spending $200 on it. By the time it falls apart, you probably won’t want to wear it anyways! Haha! I actually snagged a bunch of them for our honeymoon! So many cute dresses for vacay!

Ps. Thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday on Instagram about my graduation! I am so excited for this next chapter!

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Life Update: Graduation, Moving, and Opening a Boutique!

Lavender Lace Dress $54 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

EEEEKKKK! Today is my official last day of college…FOREVER! It’s been a long really long road full of ups and downs, but I am so proud of myself for finishing. I’m so excited for what’s to come for this blog and finally being able to put 100% into my blog! I never in a million years thought I would be blogging full-time after going to school for almost 6 years to get my degree, but sometimes life surprises ya! I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to turn something I love into my career. I have y’all to thank endlessly for always being so supportive and following along!

So what now? I am planning on moving to New Braunfels, TX in the next couple of weeks. We are going to look at houses next week, and then should be moving shortly after! We quickly realized that I’m a diva when it comes to my home (let’s be honest, I already knew this), so we will be renting for a little bit until we decide where we want to lay down permanent roots and build a house.

And now for the reason you probably are still reading…Yes! I am going to be opening a boutique in the coming year! I want to wait until after the craziness of the wedding, but in 2018, I will be opening up my very own curated boutique of trendy, unique, and feminine pieces that embody my personal style. I’ve been asked about 500 times if and when I will be opening a boutique…so there you have it! I’m so excited and can’t wait for y’all to see everything come together!

In other news, how amazing is this lavender lace dress?! Anything in lavender makes my heart do cartwheels…it’s such an under appreciated color in the fashion world! The lace is so pretty, and I love all of the tiers! It’s on sale for $54 and also comes in white + a muted minty green color! The white would be perfect for bride to be’s! I’m wearing an XS for size reference.

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50% OFF Fall and Summer Favorites…

Off Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress - Sunshine & Stilettos (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

My puppy was sick over the weekend, so I spent Saturday at home all day shopping some amazing sales! One of my favorite sales going on is Boohoo’s 50% OFF sale! I started shopping at Boohoo 3-4 years ago and have been so impressed with everything I’ve ordered! It’s super budget friendly anyways without the sale, but everything is crazy inexpensive now with the 50% OFF! I ordered about 10 things a couple weeks ago and this maxi dress was actually the only one I was kinda iffy on. It doesn’t have anything to define the waist, so I was a little worried I would look like a potato sack. It actually ended up being one of my favorite things I ordered though! It’s seriously SO cute…pictures don’t do it justice! I’m saving is for my honeymoon – it just is dying to be taken on a tropical vacay! It’s only $20 with the discount and also comes in a baby pink, red, and white!

I wanted to round up my favorite pieces for fall and summer, because the site is honestly a little overwhelming…there are just SO many items. I bought this suede biker jacket for fall and am so excited for it to come in! It’s the perfect color! I also love this choker sweater! So cute and only $15!



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Striped Bell Sleeve Dress…

 Tiered Bell Sleeve Dress - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy hump day! I’m super excited, because I had my last “class” day for one of my classes today…I can literally taste graduation! EEEEK! I’m so excited about putting every ounce of me into my blog once I graduate and taking it to new heights. There are SO many exciting things coming this next year, and I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it!

In other news, how stinkin’ cute is this striped bell sleeve dress?! I probably looked like a total goof waving my arms everywhere, but I had a little too much fun with these sleeves! Haha! I’m so in love with this dress, and it’s super affordable! I do recommend sizing down if possible – it definitely ran a little big on me!

Shop my favorite fun sleeved frocks below!

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