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Resort Review: El Cozumeleño Beach Resort – Cozumel, Mexico

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort Review with Photos - Cozumel, Mexico

I’ve gotten a ton of requests for travel recommendations from those planning to go to Cozumel soon, so I wanted to do a full resort review on the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon, El Cozumeleño Beach Resort in Cozumel, Mexico! The resort was so beautiful, and we had the best time! It was an all-inclusive resort also, so we ate and drank probably a little too much! Haha! The photo above was actually taken from our bedroom balcony…y’all…let me tell ya, waking up to views like this never gets old!

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10 Things to Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping + Bridal Portraits Sneak Peak!

Romantic Delicate Lace Low Back Wedding Dress and Cathedral Vail - Austin Wedding Photography - The Bird & The Bear

Eeeek! I’m so glad to be finally back to blogging after the honeymoon and wedding! I wanted to share a sneak peak of some of my bridal portraits before we get our wedding photos back! Everything about our wedding was an absolute dream from the dress to venue to details. I learned quite a bit while dress shopping, so I wanted to share 10 things to know before dress shopping and some behind the scenes of my own dress shopping experience! I hope this is helpful for all of my bride-to-be’s!

1. Start Shopping Early

Weddings are stressful to plan, y’all. You don’t realize how much goes into planning until you’re getting married, so the last thing you want to be stressed about is whether your dress will be here in time! Most dresses are going to take 6-8 months to come in, so shop early! Don’t put it off just because you’re trying to lose weight, etc. You can always make alterations closer to the big day to fit it perfectly to your body! Also, keep in mind that you will need time for alterations. You will more than likely have multiple fittings, so it could take a month for the entire process (I personally had 3 fittings, then came back a 4th time to make one last minor change after wearing my dress for bridals and realizing I HATED having cups built into the dress, so I got them removed)! If you decide to do bridal portraits, those are also typically taken a month or so before the wedding, so your dress will need to be altered and ready to go even sooner! We bought my dress almost 10 months out, and we were still cutting it close! Moral of the story – shop early!

2. Always Look at the Price Tag

This one is a biggie. I can truly not say this enough. Do NOT try on a dress unless you know you can afford to buy it. After watching 973,495,251,038 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, I knew this rule. I saw so many brides fall in love with dresses out of their budget and get heartbroken when they couldn’t find a way to take it home. When you see a beautiful dress hanging on the rack in front of you, it really can be hard to say no to “just trying it on.” DON’T – just don’t! After trying on maybe 20 dresses and 3 stores later, I walked into Julian Gold with my mom to continue my search for “the” dress. I saw 2 dresses I really liked at the first store we went to, but it was the first store after all, so what did I really know? The dresses at Julian Gold were absolutely STUNNING. Totally my style, so I was excited! I asked the consultant how the dresses ran price-wise, and she responded, “They start a little over 3 and go up to 14.” *Gulp* Me and my mom both gave each other that look of “We are at the wrong store.” Our budget was $2,000 before veil, shoes and accessories, but I knew I could probably stretch it to $3000 if I cut other places. So we looked. I b lined for the dress I had envisioned when I pictured the dress I would where on my wedding day. I knew not to try Continue Reading

Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner Dress and Venue + IT’S WEDDING WEEK!

White Lace Rehearsal Dress - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today marks the FINAL Wedding Wednesday before the big day…EEEEK! I can’t believe it’s only 4 days away now! So crazy! We’ve gotten almost everything taken care of for the wedding now…we just need to write vows, wrap all of the gifts to family/bridal party and clean the house before family comes in tonight! I don’t know if I told y’all (I think I just told twitter?), but I got my bridals back and O.M.G. Y’all! They turned out so good! My photographer is a magician, I swear! The lighting is so stunning. I seriously just stare at them at least 5 times a day and squeal a little! Haha! Butterflies every freaking time I look at them! I can’t wait for Dylan to see me when I walk down the aisle!

Since today is the last Wedding Wednesday before wedding day, I thought it would only be appropriate to share my rehearsal dress! I feel like I bought at least 50, but this is the one I have decided on I think (well, as of today…anyone else have those last minute freak outs where they completely change their outfit and 129 things are on the floor by the time you finally leave the house?!). I found a ton of affordable options at Missguided, which has been one of my favorite retailers lately! They are having a 40% off sale too right now, so most options I linked below are in the $30-$40 range after discount!

For our rehearsal, we wanted to do something more laid back since the wedding is going to be so over the top, and we also wanted to do something that mirrored where our love story began – TEXAS! If you missed our wild and unconventional engagement story, Dylan and I actually met on social media in 2012. He ended up Continue Reading

Wedding Wednesday: 18 Day Countdown – Where Are We Now?

White Lace Dress Under $40 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

I don’t know where the past year went! It all goes by so fast! There are only 2 Wedding Wednesday’s left after today until I change my last name – holy moly! Well, minus one final Wedding Wednesday with our photos & wedding video! We have gotten so many last minute details done this month…and still have so much to do! Haha! I wanted to do a real casual post today and share a quick update of where we are now with our planning!

I just ordered all of my bridesmaids gifts this past week, and I can’t wait to show y’all! They are getting spoiled to say the least, but they so deserve it! Good girl friends are hard to find, but I’m so glad I found them. We got the sparklers, garters, wedding bible, and the gifts we are giving our parents in the mail this week! I feel like the postman might as well just be our best friend at this point! Haha! Our floral was finalized this past week…I’m such a floral junkie, so this is one of the things I’m most excited about. And there will be a lot of it! We also finished framing all of our table numbers and painting all of the little details…EEK! I’m just so excited for y’all to see everything. It’s going to be so stunning. Our signage is being done this week, and I’m finalizing the seating chart/DJ set this afternoon! We are almost there, y’all!

Ps. This dress is a great bridal shower/rehearsal dinner option for all my brides! It’s on sale for only $35, which never hurts! It does run a little small imo, so I would size up!

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Wedding Wednesday: White Lace Romper + Bridal Shower Photos + Wedding Update…

   White Lace Romper - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

We are exactly 25 days out as of today. O.M.G! I can’t believe how close it’s getting! I feel like so much has happened since the last Wedding Wednesday…and that was only 7 days ago! Haha! We’ve been getting together all of the last minute details like wedding signage, table seating, DJ set, honeymoon excursions and all of the little pretty details of a wedding. So much to do – so little time! Dylan and I also took a couple dance lessons for our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. and we had so much fun doing them! I already know my mom is going to be a blubbery mess! Saturday and Sunday, I had bridal showers thrown by my amazing friends and family. It was such a good time…I feel so blessed! Funny story – I had brought a couple of dresses to wear for my bridal showers. The first shower was a wine and cheese bridal shower and I wore this outfit. Well, I think I ate a little too much cheese (plus s’mores and other apps…yum!) and drank a little too much wine that night. I woke up the next day 3 pounds heavier and my white lace dresses I brought for the second shower that already barely fit…well, yeah. They weren’t zipping! Lol! Hence why I’m wearing navy at my bridal shower in the photos at the end of this post! I actually completely forgot that I had this white lace romper in my closet…definitely should have brought it when I packed for the weekend!

This romper is actually the short version of this romper maxi I wore not too long ago! Both versions come in a ton of colors and are so so cute! I linked the various styles and colors in this romper in the school widget below!

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