Christian Louboutin Review: “So Kate” Heels

Christian Louboutin Review: "So Kate" - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

I’ve had a lot of requests to do a Christian Louboutin review on the “So Kate” heels, so your wish is my command! I’ve worn these for about a year and a half now and definitely gotten to see the pros/cons of these beauties! Be sure to leave a comment, and let me know if you have any other questions I missed below! Also let me know if this type of post was helpful and if so, which designer item you’d like to see a review on next! 🙂


1. Sexy Silhouette: The “So Kate” without a doubt has the sexiest silhouette of any stiletto I’ve worn…and I’ve worn too many to count. Everything from the arch, to heel height, to heel diameter, to the sharp point is perfection. It makes your legs look so long and slender! I have larger calves (shoutout to 13 years of division 1 soccer), and this heel makes them look so much slimmer!

2. Gorgeous Red Sole: This one is obvious. The red sole is so iconic and stunning!

3. Perfect Nude: I’ve owned probably anywhere from 10-15 pairs of nude stilettos (I know, excessive), but Christian Louboutin by far has the best “nude” color. It’s not too yellow, not too red, not too light, and not too dark. This obviously may vary depending on your skin tone, but it’s such a good match with my skin tone that it creates a seamless illusion of a longer leg.

4. Durable Patent Leather: I’m not going to lie, these are the heels I almost always wear when I go out for drinks…I’ve put them through the freaking ringer, y’all. They only have a couple imperfections on the leather, which is incredible considering what they’ve been through! I’m talking skidding across pavement, scraped against cement, etc. Let’s just say I took my Valentino Rockstuds out for drinks once, and they’ve never made an appearance out on drinking nights again. Tragic.

5. Timeless and Classic: This pump is one of those that you can keep for decades and pass down to your little girl (assuming y’all are the same size). They will never go out of style!


1. Price: Surprise! Yes, they cost a pretty penny. BUT – you pay for what you get. Y’all know I am very particular about what kind of items I will spend $$$ on and am all for mixing high and low items! I like to invest in classic and timeless pieces versus trendy items. This is why you’ll rarely see me spend a ton of money on clothing, and I opt to invest in shoes and handbags instead that will be in style still 10, 20, 30 years from now. You could be wearing a $30 dress, but pair it with these heels, and it will instantly elevate the entire look!

2. Painful to Break in: Here is where it gets ugly. I want to be super honest with y’all…these are THE most painful shoes I have ever had to break in. I wore them in 15 minute increments for several months before I was finally able to wear them for an extended period of time. I would wanna cry when I first got them every time I put them on my feet! Haha! But as the leather stretches out and forms to your feet, it gets a million times better. I now wear them for 7-10 hours straight without wanting to die…so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

3. Poor Red Sole Durability: I feel like this is kind of common knowledge, but the red sole WILL NOT hold up through wear and tear. You HAVE to protect it, sistas. I’ve used two type of sole protectors on these shoes. This one is a clear film that will have your sole looking virtually the same as when there is no protector on it. The only complaints I have about this protector is that it has a slick surface when you first apply (be conscious of this, so you don’t slip wearing them – speaking from experience!) and you have to change it every few months depending on how often you wear the shoes. The film will begin to wear down and tear…making the red sole vulnerable to damage. If this does happen, you can use this red paint that is perfect for touch ups to fix damages Louboutins. The other protector I have used is this no-slip sole protector. I love this one, because it’s a little thicker, therefore preventing tears. It is also no-slip. The only con to purchasing this one over the other is that it is slightly more noticeable since it’s not perfectly clear due to the nature of having a no-slip texture.

4. Poor Heel Tip Durability: This was the only “real” disappointment with these shoes that I didn’t foresee when I originally purchased them. It’s actually the reason why I wanted to write this review, because this was not once ever mentioned on reviews when I was researching. Y’all, the heel tips are a POS to be quite frank. I’m not sure what Christian is thinking, but homeboy needs to fix them. They wear down SO easily, pushing the heel tip up into the stiletto, deforming the patent wrapped around it, and ruining the bottom of your stilettos. And it’s not even like this takes a year. I’m talking weeks, and they’re toast. I wanted to rip all my hair out when it happened to me. I thought it might be a defect in those particular heel tips, so I put on the spare heel tips that come with the shoes when you purchase them. NOPE. Two weeks later – same fate. Moral of the story, don’t even wear the heels with Christian Louboutin heel tips. Immediately replace the tips when you purchase them with these tips in the color “Beige/Natural”. You can do it at home with pliers/hammer and it’s not difficult. They’re identical aesthetically, but hold up a million times better. I still recommend to replace them whenever you see them start to wear, but they will last you so much longer than the original heel tips and ultimately save your precious babies.

With all that being said, would I buy again?

If you would’ve asked me when I first bought them while trying to break them in, I would’ve quickly said “HECK NO!” Haha! But I just added the “So Kate” in white to my collection, so obviously I feel very differently now! If you can get through the breaking-in process, I 100% recommend them! I wear them multiple times a week – they’re without a doubt my favorite shoe in my closet! You can also shop “So Kate” pumps secondhand here!

**Please keep in mind when purchasing that Christian Louboutin uses European sizing. To find your size, just add 30 to whatever your US size is (US 7 is EU 37, US 7.5 is EU 37.5, etc). Many websites recommend sizing up a half size, however I disagree. I went with my normal size, and they are perfect now. They were a little snug at first (also due to the fact that I have very wide feet, and it’s a more narrow shoe), but the leather stretches out quite a bit when you break them in. My foot actually will slide out occasionally if they get too sweaty now (don’t lie…your feet sweat sometimes too!), so if I would’ve gone up a 1/2 size as suggested, I would be having serious problems!

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