Gearing Up For Vacation Season with Advil…

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This time of the year is my absolute favorite for many reasons! Spring break and my birthday are right around the corner, which means I’m crazy busy preparing for vacations! I always seem to get sick in the beginning of the year, because the weather patterns are crazy! One day it will be 30 degrees, the next day it’s 80 degrees with crazy humidity, and the next it will be 45 degrees with pouring down rain! Texas weather is always crazy, but when seasons are changing…oh man…it’s on another level! And of course, it’s about the most inconvenient time EVER for me to come down with a cold or sinus problems. The last thing I want to be doing is sniffling every two seconds with horrible sinus congestion while jetting off to paradise! Haha! I constantly have Advil Cold & Sinus stocked away in my medicine cabinet for cold and sinus relief in case I come down with something trying to ruin my fun! I always take Advil Cold & Sinus when I can feel myself starting to get sick for sinus pressure relief. It is beyond crucial this time of the year…after all, it’s vacay season!

*Use as directed: 1 caplet/liquid-gel every 4-6 hours while symptoms persist. If symptoms do not respond to 1 caplet/liquid-gel, 2 may be used. Do not use more than 6 caplets/liquid-gels in 24 hours unless directed by a doctor.

Do y’all have any fun vacations coming up too with spring just around the corner?! Would love to hear where you are heading!

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