Healthy Puppy, Happy Mama!

Disclaimer: I’m sharing #NUTRO in my life as part of a NUTRO™ sponsored series for Socialstars™.

NUTRO Dog Food

Meet my best friend in the whole wide world! If you haven’t yet met my sweet puppy child on Instagram, this is Bailey! She is 1/2 miniature Australian Shepherd, 1/2 Border Collie, and 100% goofball (if you couldn’t tell by her face in the above picture! lol). She has the funniest personality ever! My absolute favorite thing about working from home is the fact that I get to spend all day snuggling with my little girl while she watches me work! I don’t think I have ever met a cuddlier dog! I picked her up from a town 6 hours away just under three years ago, and she has been my little sidekick ever since! I adopted this sweet baby as a tiny little pup just a few weeks before my entire world came crashing down. My (now fiancé) had just left me, and I was an absolute wreck. I had gone home from college to be with loved ones and spent sun up to sun down crying for weeks, unable to eat and refusing to leave the couch. She was the only thing that made my days a little bit better as I felt like everything I ever knew was falling apart. I always say she was my guardian angel…and she truly is. She somehow always knew when I was upset and was right there curled up on my chest to make sure I was okay. It’s so crazy how dogs always can sense things that sometimes not even humans can! We have had the most special bond ever since (and this is probably why she has some SERIOUS attachment issues, y’all…she’s a stage 5 clinger!).

I put a ton of importance on always making sure that she is super healthy, so that she can be in my life as long as possible! Luckily, having a healthy little pup involves her favorite two things – food and frisbee! Haha! I recently switched her over to NUTRO™ dry dog food, and she has been loving it! It’s a natural dog food that uses non-GMO ingredients, so I know she is getting the best food for her! The Limited Ingredient Diet Venison Meal and Sweet Potato recipe is her favorite (and I don’t feel as bad when she gives me those puppy eyes, because she can’t have mama’s sweet potatoes for dinner)! And of course it gives her tons of energy for playtime! Trace amount of genetically modified material may be present due to cross contact during manufacturing.

NUTRO Dog Food

NUTRO Dog Food NUTRO Dog Food NUTRO Dog Food NUTRO Dog Food

Obviously *very* pleased with herself and her frisbee performance today! Lol!

NUTRO Dog Food

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    Aww, such a cute pup!

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