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Honest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is a really fun for me, because I finally got to try out the highly talked about Lipsense liquid lips! I have friends that sold it for years, but I had just never got around to trying it! I’ve been super curious what all the chatter was about, so I wanted to do a full Lipsense review to let y’all know the 411!


1. Stays All Day: Pretty much all liquid lips claim to be long-wearing, but they never seem to hold up after a few hours and especially  not after eating/drinking. This is definitely by far the longest lasting lipstick I’ve ever tried…and I’ve pretty much tried every lipstick on the market…#lipstickjunkie. It will literally last the entire day until you’re ready to take off your makeup and go to bed! No more “butt hole lips” and bathroom breaks every hour to reapply!

2. The Colors are GORGEOUS: I was extremely impressed with all of the colors I tried! They have a really good shade range, which is always a plus! The first Lipsense lippie I tried was the shade “Praline Rose.” This one is a really good every day lipstick – not too dark, not too light. It’s a nude color with pinky undertones, so it’s really flattering on all skin tones! The second Lipsense lippie I tried was the shade “Nude.” The name actually threw me off a little, because I typically think of a nude as a little bit lighter of a color. Lipsense “Nude” is definitely a darker nude shade with brown undertones, which I usually go for anyways, so I LOVED this color! It’s great for date night or going out with friends! The last color I tried was one that I was really iffy on initially. Red’s are always really hard for me…I just find that they aren’t really flattering on my skin tone. I’ve been determined to find a red I actually like and had heard really good things about “Blu Red,” so I decided to try it anyways! I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleasantly surprised by a lip color! Obsessed would be an understatement! It is the prettiest shade of red I’ve ever worn! It also has blue undertones, which you always want to look for in reds (they make your teeth look really white)!

3. Kiss Proof: I don’t think my husband could get any more mad than when I wear lipstick that ends up all over his face! Haha! It definitely passes the kiss test – not a single bit of transfer!

4. Super Wet Lip: I’m definitely one of those girls that constantly wears a glossy lip, and likes the look of a really “wet” lip! The gloss, which serves as the top coat over the lipstick, is so hydrating and not sticky like most glosses!


1. Tedious to Apply: It definitely has a couple extra steps than a normal lipstick would! You have to use 3 coats with 10 seconds of drying time in between. Not a huge deal, but just a little extra work! Definitely takes less time if you factor in how often you have to go back and reapply other lipstick brands!

2. Can’t Wear As A Matte Lip Without Matte Gloss: You will need to get the matte gloss if you are wanting to wear Lipsense as a matte. Wanted to mention that only because most might think you can wear Lipsense without any topper. You always want to wear a topper to take away any stickiness and seal the color!

3. Tingly/Burning Sensation: I was a little surprised at first when I tried it and felt a weird tingling/burning sensation on my lips…almost like how a harsh lip plumper would be. I immediately looked it up online to see if that was normal or if I was maybe allergic, but it’s normal! My lips are especially dry right now/cracking, so once they heal up, it’s should be much better! ***Edit: There is medical grade alcohol in it that exfoliates your lips, so after a few uses it gets better!


Overall, I did like them! The biggest selling point for me was that they literally don’t come off until you make it come off! The colors are also so beautiful! I’m still so excited about finally finding a good bold red that doesn’t make me look like an absolute train wreck. Haha! If you’re someone that constantly has to reapply and it drives you insane, you may really like Lipsense! I would definitely grab Nude, Blu Red and Praline Rose. You can also see photos of more Lipsense shades on Shalee’s Instagram HERE. I can’t get over how pretty “Beige Champagne” looks on her! If you have constantly dry lips and don’t know if you could get past the tingly sensation, I would still definitely recommend one of the glosses, because that doesn’t have any tingly sensation at all! It’s so moisturizing and is such a pretty + super glossy topper!

Let me know if you have any questions about the Lipsense lippies!

If interested in ordering Lipsense or any other products from the Senegence line, shoot Shalee a message via any of her contacts below:

Email: perfectshay_2@hotmail.com
Instagram: @enduringbeautybyshay
Facebook: Luscious Lips Shay

Honest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog Honest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos BlogHonest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog

Lace Cami and Denim Shorts - Sunshine & Stilettos BlogHonest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog Honest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog Honest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos BlogLace Cami and Denim Shorts - Sunshine & Stilettos BlogHonest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog

Lace Cami and Denim Shorts - Sunshine & Stilettos BlogHonest Lipsense Review - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog

 This post is in partnership with Lipsense Distributor, Shalee Davis. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Sunshine & Stilettos!

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