5 Tips to Throwing Your Next NFL Homegating Party…

Thank you NFL for sponsoring this post. Can’t wait for my next Homegate!

It’s no surprise that being from the south, we live and breathe football! Sundays are always spent watching football and grilling out with our closest friends, family, and of course – the pups! My husband and his family are die-hard New Orleans Saints fans, so they’re beyond excited that they were in the playoffs! We spent Christmas in Louisiana this year with all of his relatives, so I threw a homegating party on Christmas Eve to watch the Saints take the W over the Falcons! We had so much fun eating, drinking, watching the game, and running around the yard throwing the football at half time with his little cousins/nephew! Homegates are the perfect way to watch your favorite NFL team from your own living room when you can’t make it to the game in person! Here are some easy tips to hosting your next NFL homegating party!

1. Decorate For Your Homegate: Decorating for parties is ALWAYS my favorite! The NFLShop.com is jam packed full of party planning supplies – plates, napkins, tablecloths, koozies and more! You can find everything in one place which is so convenient! Pick up some balloons in your team colors on the day of the homegate to tie to the corners of the party table and your all set!

2. Everyone Loves Food: Duh – It’s never a party without food! There are so many delicious and easy-to-make finger foods you can find on Pinterest perfect for your homegate! I made a huge spread full of jalapeño poppers, chocolate and white chocolate macadamia cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, cold pasta salad, pepperoni pizza bomb bites, fruit, apples with a caramel cream cheese dip, crackers with a raspberry jalapeño cream cheese dip, sandwiches, and chicken wings! We also had a cheese/meat tray which is always a hit at parties! They have a ton of gorgeous cheese trays for all of the NFL teams HERE.

3. Add a Signature Drink: A signature drink is always a fun touch when throwing parties! I wanted to have a drink that would appeal to the majority and would also be a gold colored drink to coordinate with the Saints team colors! I made a Mang-O-Rita based signature drink…it was delicious and such a hit with everyone!

*4oz Mang-O-Rita
*4oz Seltzer
*Splash of Lemon Juice
*Orange Wedge for Garnish

Lime-A-Rita has a ton of different flavors, so they’re super easy when making signature drinks that will go with you favorite NFL team’s colors! I ordered a variety of Saints glasses for the party from The NFL Shop. They have a HUGE selection of pitchers, beer mugs, wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, tumblers, etc. for each NFL team! Continue Reading

Off the Shoulder Chenille Sweater…

Off The Shoulder Slouchy Chenille Sweater - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy Friday! I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by! Between juggling my blog and getting everything ready to go for my boutique’s February launch, life has been crazy! I’m SO SO SO freaking excited though y’all! Although it’s been so much work, it feels so fulfilling being able to finally live out a dream of mine that I have had for so long! I’ve already purchased around $5,000 worth of inventory for the spring line…y’all are going to freak out! Everything is SO cute! It’s going to be so hard to not keep one of everything I bought for the boutique! Haha! I shared some sneak peaks of possibilities that I will be/have purchased in a fun little “Be the Buyer” Instagram story poll series over on my boutique’s Instagram – you can check it out HERE and vote for all of the one’s you want to be able to purchase!

In non-related news, I got this chenille off the shoulder sweater in the mail the other day and have been living in it! If you don’t own a chenille sweater, you’re missing out! It’s seriously the coziest thing ever! You know those super soft blankets?! That’s what it feels like! I’m in love with the color, too! It’s so unique, and I don’t have ANYTHING in my closet this color! I originally bought this sweater to be a top, but it runs a little big, so I decided to wear it as a tunic instead! #shortgirlproblems…I would definitely size down if you’re wanting to wear it as a top, or size Continue Reading

Sweater Weather – Clothing for a Cause with Honeybum…

Honeybum Off Shoulder Sweater and Bralette Winter Outfit - 20% OFF with KATLYN20 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

This winter has probably been one of the craziest winters we’ve ever had in central Texas! I’ve found myself panicking and running around trying to add more winter-appropriate clothing to my closet every second! Normally we get a couple “cold” days a year, but we’ve had so many ice/snow/miserably cold days already this winter! I feel like I’m living in Colorado! It’s crazy!

While looking for cute new winter clothing for this abnormal winter we are having this year, I scoured Honeybum’s website for some cute and affordable pieces! You may remember that several months ago, I fell IN LOVE with their “Kendall” jeans (seen here, here and here)…like, they’re my favorite pair of jeans I’ve EVER put on my body! I’ve been hooked on shopping their website ever since! I was so excited when I saw that the Kendall’s also came in white – I could basically hear my closet screaming that I needed them! I would seriously get them in every denim shade to ever exist if I could! Haha! They’re only $42, AND you can get even more $$$ off with the discount code below (wearing a size 3 for size reference)! I also scored this slouchy chunky sweater! It’s so cute (and warm – so I may be living in it all winter since my winter wardrobe was underprepared for these intense cold fronts)! I love that you can wear it off the shoulder with a bralette (currently ON SALE!) peeking out! It’s been one of Continue Reading