Blue Ruffle Dress…

Blue Ruffle Dress $68 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

I’m back, I’m back! This past week has been crazy with moving into the new house…it was definitely a much needed break! I’m completely restarting when it comes to decor, so I can’t wait to show y’all everything! I’m going to try to tackle one room at a time and will be sharing photos + all the decor/furniture details as we finish each room!

This ruffle dress was one of my favorites that I shot last weekend! I was actually really pleasantly surprised when I got this dress in the mail from StyleWe…I had never heard of the website before, so I was a little leery! The quality is so amazing though, the color is super vibrant, and the ruffles are so bouncy! I thought for sure the ruffles would fall flat and just not be a home-run whatsoever…haha! They are so cute though and voluminous (can you describe ruffles as voluminous? lol!) This dress would be so perfect for a date night, church, or even any upcoming weddings you may have! It comes in red, emerald, black and white too!

On another note, I got microblading about a week ago! I’m slightly obsessed! I don’t know why I hadn’t done this sooner?! If y’all are in Austin area and interested in microblading, I highly recommend Heather at Studio 420 Brows! She’s so sweet and makes getting them done so much fun!

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Wedding Wednesday: Ceremony and Reception Inspiration…

We are closing in on close to 50 days out from the wedding day…AHHH! I’m so excited! I wanted to share some wedding inspiration that I’ve loved when planning our wedding day. My vision for the wedding was for it to be timeless, soft, romantic, and elegant…I can’t wait for y’all to see photos/our wedding video! It’s going to be truly breathtaking and the best day ever… Continue Reading

Striped Knot Front Dress Under $50…

Striped Tie Front Dress Under $50 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy Friday! Where did this week even go?! I’ve been doing so much wedding preparation and moving this week…it’s flown by! We were supposed to move into our new house Monday, but packing and getting everything ready for the movers is taking longer than we anticipated. I forgot how much I loathe moving! How we fit all of this junk into a 2 bedroom apartment, I will never understand…haha!

I’m heading to Austin tonight for a full day of shooting tomorrow! I’m SOOOOO not ready to start shooting fall outfits…it’s still way too dang hot in Texas to be thinking about fall! #bloggerproblems…There is still plenty of summer left in Texas, so I pulled out this striped knot-front dress from Goodnight Macaroon last week! I almost wish I would’ve gone up a size, because it definitely runs small. I love the knot detailing on the front! It can definitely be dressed up with heels or down with some cute sandals!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Photos!

Austin, TX Engagement Photos - The Bird and The Bear Photography

Okay, so I’m only a litttttttleeeee late on sharing these, but I wanted to share more engagement photos that were taken back in April besides the few I had already shared on Instagram! It’s so weird seeing my hair so light…I’ve gotten so used to how it is now! I feel like I look so different! Haha!

We shot these with The Bird and The Bear in Austin and had so much fun doing it! I was prancing through the woods in the sparkliest gold gown and louboutins…I felt like I could’ve been filming a music video running through the woods for some mushy gushy love song! Lol! The Bird and The Bear will also be photographing us on our wedding day, so I’ve started looking at poses and shots I love on Pinterest that I want to be sure I get! There are so many different photos with different people I will have to make sure to get that day! This guide from WeddingWire gives an awesome breakdown of the general timeline you will need to have to make sure you get your before-ceremony and post-ceremony photos! It’s super helpful when planning which photos you need to get at which times – especially if you are doing a sunset ceremony like I am and everything has to be very precise time-wise!

Today, I am heading to my first fitting for my wedding dress! I’m not even going to lie, I’m slightly nervous. When I originally got fitted, I was about 10 pounds heavier so we ordered a size down knowing I was going to lose a little weight, but I tried it on and it’s WAY big still. I’m sure the seamstress will work her magic, but holy moly, stress level 1000! There are a few other tweaks too that I need to make also to the dress, so hopefully all goes as planned today!

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Lilac Wrap Dress Under $50…

Lilac Wrap Dress $46 - Sunshine & Stilettos Blog (Instagram: @katlynmaupin)

Happy Friday! I hope all of my Texas readers are staying dry and safe as Hurricane Harvey makes landfall today! I am heading to my parents house in a few hours to work on our wedding invitations this weekend, and we have a whole party there now! My parents grew up in Corpus Christi on the island, so that’s literally where 85% of my relatives live (and many having a house on the water)…which means we have a full house this weekend with the mandatory evacuations in effect! Praying it loses speed quickly and there is minimal damage to everyone’s homes in Harvey’s path + those who are waiting out the storm…

I wore this dress from Sophia Coco Boutique last weekend…the color is to die for! Any time I find a dress in this color, I automatically swoop it up! It’s such a pretty and underrated color in fashion! I’ve been loving wrap dresses lately too! This wrap dress is super affordable at only $46, and the quality is great! You can check out other affordable options from Sophia Coco HERE.

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